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Herald merchandise & custom bike parts

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It’s here! We are very proud to announce the recent launch of the long awaited first Herald merchandise collection and a range of custom bike parts.

For us the main objective with Herald merchandise and parts was to build something more. To create a brand experience that our customers would enjoy and an extension of what it really means to make a Herald your own.

The collection comprises six graphical t-shirts made from 100% cotton and inspired by the latest 250 Custom Styled motorbike range, a Herald logo keyring, and a mixed design sticker pack. You can also now customise your Herald using the newly available range of custom bike parts which includes everything from seats to handle grips. These and the new merchandise collection are available in our online shop.

But the journey doesn’t end there, the recent launch of Herald Custom with the addition of a fantastic new workshop and bespoke spray booth, means that your bike is fully customisable by our expert team of technicians. From simple cosmetic changes to complete personalisation, you can now order a bike that is built to your specification, making it easier than ever before to truly make your Herald your own. So get in touch and see what we can do for you!

A month has passed and we have been grateful for a chance to introduce Herald Custom, merchandise, and custom bike parts at this year’s Motorcycle Live at NEC Birmingham. The feedback from everyone has been fantastic and it’s great to hear people talk about Herald from all over the world. We are always excited to see our friends sharing their Herald experiences and how they put their personal mark on the bikes. So start your Herald adventure now! And make sure to tag #heraldriders for a chance to be featured across our social channels.


Find our full range of Herald merchandise and custom motorbike parts now available in our online shop.