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Virtual Reality – A new way to experience two wheels?

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Technology is changing our society and more specifically how we travel. With emerging technologies such as the electric vehicle the face of the industry is vastly changing. Virtual Reality (VR) is a notable development that has been set as a key talking point this year with games consoles receiving this new technology for video gamers. But how does this relate to motorcycles and the industry?


What many of you may have experienced at an arcade is a motorcycle on a platform that can be tilted left or right with at least one screen in front of you to simulate you riding that motorbike on the video game. With new VR technologies the immersive nature of riding a motorcycle is more apparent and could be a great starting point for those looking into starting out in the world of motorcycling.


Seeing through the eyes of a rider can provide an insight into the world of motorcycling or, better yet, utilising VR and fixed motorcycles can add the immersion and give a greater sense of the thrill of the ride. These types of VR experiences will be great for those looking into the world of motorcycling, or even those who are disabled or not physically-abled to ride anymore.


Experiencing motorcycling through the experiences of another could be of great benefit to the community and to the physical and mental health of those taking part. Take arcade bikes for example. Core and inner thigh strength is involved in manipulating the bike along with utilising your arms to steer and throttle. Whilst it is just a concept, using VR on these arcade bikes could ultimately be a source of fitness for many who aren’t able to ride freely and these take up as little space as treadmills in homes. Regardless of utilising the VR experience with or without an arcade-style bike, this new technology is sure to open up a world of possibilities for those new and experienced to motorcycling and to those who wish to experience it.