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What Makes US Herald

Herald Motor Co. is a cult motorcycle brand, specialising in head turning, retro styled, affordable motorcycles. At Herald we understand the need for practicality whilst maintaining your sense of style and individuality. Whether it’s the daily commute or a weekend on the open road, Herald riders love to break free from the norm and challenge everyday expectations.

Herald bikes are designed to appeal to a wide audience, inclusive of both genders, and accounting for various ages and levels of experience. What makes a Herald bike stand out from the crowd is the distinctive retro, custom styling, add that to the low running costs, quality build and competitive price and it’s no wonder Herald Motor Co. are earning such rave reviews.

Maverick 125 - "If I had to spend money on a motorcycle to use for the daily commute – I’d be seriously tempted by the Maverick. And that’s about the highest praise I can give" - Motorcycle Monthly
Classic 400 - "Capable of making you smile and grin from ear to ear with its feel and feedback when giving it a good spirited ride on a set of twisties" - On2Wheels
Café 125 - "Great-looking bike and fun to ride." ★★★★ - Twist & Go Magazine
Classic 125 - "It's easy and fun to ride, it looks retro-cool, it's a bargain price – and it's just crying out to be tinkered with." - The Daily Mirror


At Herald Motor Co. our goal is simple, we aim to become the bike of choice for new and existing riders alike by offering an extensive range of motorbikes through a network of high quality dealerships.

Our network of retail and dealer partners are critical in helping us deliver an overall service that puts a smile on the face of the customer and a sense of belonging to the Herald gang. We are passionate about what we do and love working in partnership with retailers who share our enthusiasm. If this sounds like you and you’d like to find out more then click the link below.

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