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At Herald, we get hundreds of requests for help and advice from customers wanting to customise their Herald. It’s one of the great things about our bikes – the ability to customise and add a unique personal touch.

Make your Herald your own

Following investment in a fantastic new workshop and spray booth we are delighted to introduce Herald Custom – our very own expert customisation service!

Whether you have a request for a brand new Herald or want to give your existing bike a bit of a makeover, we can help bring your project to reality.

We also have a new range of Herald Custom parts that can be fitted by our technicians or by an approved Herald dealer that won’t invalidate your warranty.

Technical expertise close to hand

We’ve got the equipment and the expertise to put your own identity on your bike.

  • Combined 40 years of experience customising bikes
  • Recent custom projects showcased at Bike Shed, Dirtquake, Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, including three bikes customised for use in the Wall of Death show
  • Custom Project Flat Track bike featured in Built magazine
  • Four hydraulic work benches
  • New Paint spraying booth with Oven for custom paint
  • CNC machines, MIG and TIG welding facilities
  • Backed by automotive and aeronautical engineering experts – Encocam Limited

We’ve got you covered

All customisation projects professionally completed by our Herald technicians, or one of our approved dealers, using our Herald custom parts won’t invalidate your standard warranty.

Plus, we’ll also fully guarantee any Herald custom parts fitted for 12 months!

Remember, unless customisation is completed by Herald or an approved Herald dealer you risk invalidating your warranty.

Turn your dream into reality!

Call us on 01480 415080 or enquire below and we’ll be happy to look at your project in detail.

No Herald? No problem!

We have extensive customisation experience within our technical team so if you don’t have a Herald, it’s no problem!

Get in touch about your custom build